How can you help?

New leaflet being delivered now

You can view our new leaflet, being delivered to thousands of homes in and around Bengeo, here. It has all the details that you need to be informed about the application and how you can make your objection. If you can help us with some deliveries get in touch now!

Object Now!

A planning application by Durkan has been submitted and the community have until 5th October to object.

The application is for 118 houses. We know we don’t have long to get our objections in. We know every single individual email or letter will count. Please get your household to act, tell neighbours and friends!

The planning application can be found here – select Make a comment. Make sure you read the conditions and don’t forget to select the Object option! Please make sure you stick to the facts and make it clear why you object. Please ask each member of your household or family to make an individual objection. If you send an objection on behalf of your household this will only count as 1 response.

You can also email your local councillors and/or the Councillors on Planning – all email addresses are at the bottom of this page.

Public Meeting Presentation

A well attended public meeting took place on Thursday 1st December at 7pm at Bengeo Primary School. It offered an opportunity to find out more about the expected planning application for housing development in Bengeo Field, and the East Herts District Council planning process. We were joined by Cllrs Ben Crystall and Peter Ruffles along with other speakers. If you missed this meeting you can view the presentation here.

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Show your support and display our poster in your window

Please let Durkan the developer know your feedback about the suggested housing development of 100+ houses in Bengeo Field along Sacombe Road from The Orchard all the way down to B158/Wadesmill Road by 11th November 2022.

Please share your response by emailing any of the following:

Your District Councillors :
Alex Daar | Vicky Smith | Ben Crystall

Your Councillors for Bengeo (North):
Alex Daar | Vicky Smith | Ben Crystall | Paul Williams

Bengeo Councillors – Town only

Ann Woodward | Paul Williams

Your local MP (please include your name, address and phone number)
Julie Marson

Chair of EHDC Planning:
Councillor Yvonne Estop

Councillors on Planning:

Cllr Ruth Buckmaster ; Cllr Vicky Burt ; Cllr Rachel Carter; Cllr Sarah Copley; Cllr Ian Devonshire; Cllr John Dunlop; Cllr Graeme Hill; Cllr Aubrey Holt; Cllr Simon Marlow; Cllr Tony Stowe; Cllr Steve Watson (vice chair)

Substitute Councillors in Planning:

Cllr Martin Adams; Cllr Stan Bull; Cllr Maura Connolly; Cllr Tom Deffley; Cllr Vicky Smith

EHDC Planning Team (regulates the planning on behalf of the residents):
Planning Team
EHDC Head of Planning: Sara Saunders
EHDC Planning Officer: Kay Mead

HCC Minerals and Waste Planning Policy team: who lead on the emerging
Chris Stanek (local plan currently under consultation)

HCC Highways: who are responsible for traffic and highways decisions
Phil Bibby (exec. member for Highways)

Local Councillors:
Robert Cinnamon (Sele ward), Robert Pinkham (Castle ward), Stuart Hunt (Kingsmead ward), Tony Tarrega (Sele ward), Sue Barber (Kingsmead ward), John Lynch (Sele ward) and Jane Sartin (Castle ward).

Building Future and Landscape Manager (Hertfordshire County Council:
Jennifer Owen