The planning application to build 118 homes on the Bengeo Field has now been submitted by Durkan. The community has until 5th October to express their views. Every single submission will count, please tell your friends, family and neighbours to all submit an objection. Make sure you base your objection on material facts. The basic steps to follow are:

Look at the planning application here.
Object to the application; from the above link select ‘Make a comment’. Make sure you read the conditions and don’t forget to select the ‘Object’ option!
Put in a reason for your objection; this is important! Knowing why you object to the application really helps the argument against the development.
Some other tips:
The destruction of our beloved Bengeo Field is an emotive subject. Try to avoid venting your feelings and stick to the facts.
Avoid asking questions in your objection. If you have any questions about the application please contact EHDC at;

In 2018 East Herts District Council (EHDC) designated part of Bengeo Field as part of the HERT4 land for housing development.

DURKAN are now proposing to develop an additional 100 houses

The developer, Durkan, have already constructed 52 homes as The Stiles (previously Bengeo Nursery). DURKAN are now proposing to develop an additional 100 houses, which will spread across part of the Bengeo Field, along Sacombe Road from the Orchard and down the Wadesmill Road.

Hundreds of people worked hard to save Bengeo Field for future generations – you will recall residents successfully campaigned to stop the proposal to extract gravel and sand from the site.

In the event that extraction should not take place, East Herts Council has been consistently clear that only the first 50 dwellings on the Bengeo Nursery site would be delivered through the HERT4 allocation.

Linda Haysey, 2019 Leader of East Herts District Council

I totally agree and support your well laid out and structured objections to the build. I totally support the objection to spoiling a large part of Bengeo’s countryside future.

Councillor John Lynch MBE JP, Chair Community Services

Since the public enquiry, and the decision of the Planning Inspector and the Secretary of State, it now looks highly unlikely that any further applications to quarry this area will be made. It will be now up to EHDC to consider if the development of houses is permitted in this area.