December 2022 Update

11 Nov – Durkan 2nd consultation finishing

16 Nov 7pm – Save Bengeo Field group will present to EHDC Full Council to represent our community’s objection to developing Bengeo Field

1st December – Public meeting to be held at Bengeo Primary School, 7pm. All welcome. Come along and find out more information and how you can help Save Bengeo Field

Please Sign EHDC Petition

Go to EHDC e-petition

Register your name and email address

Sign the petition – ideally individually and not on behalf your family

Please share and encourage your friends and neighbours to do it. A high number of signatures will allow us to speak to the EHDC Development Management Committee that will be making the decisions. 

The more people share their views the less likely it will be that important issues slip through the net or are not properly addressed. The planners are expected to take on board public views, as we’ve successfully proven with the Stop Bengeo Quarry campaign. By attending the meetings and emailing the decision makers we can keep up the pressure and highlight that there is a strong public interest in this.

If you would like to be more involved or want to contact us – please email us.

We are really keen to hear from residents who are willing to help with this campaign and keep our residents up to date!